NANOS Honors and Awards

Thomas Carlow Distinguished Service Award

The award is given at the discretion of the Executive Board to those who have provided a sustained and substantial service to the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society.  It is named after, and honors, the NANOS Founder, Thomas Carlow, who contributed an immeasurable amount of his time and energy founding and then nurturing NANOS.

2019 Recipient
Nancy J. Newman, MD

2018 Recipient
Jonathan D. Trobe, MD

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Best Abstract Award

This award recognizes the best poster or platform presentation by a resident or fellow. The awardee receives a certificate and a stipend. In 2004 this program was expanded to recognize medical students, residents and fellows with separate awards.

2019 Recipients

  • James A. Sharpe Award by a Fellow: Melanie N. Truong-Le, DO, OD - Reflex Upper and Lower Eyelid Movement in Response to Light Stimuli
  • Resident: Michael J. Gilhooley, MA, MB, BChir, FRCOphth - Melanopsin: targeted ectopic expression for optogenetic visual restoration
  • Student: Perry J. Thompson, BA - Near Infrared Videography versus Direct Ophthalmoscopy for the Detection of Spontaneous Venous Pulsations

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The Thomas and Susan Carlow Young Investigator Award
This award was established to encourage and recognize basic or clinical research in neuro-ophthalmology by a NANOS candidate or active member. The originality, scientific merit and neuro-ophthalmic interest of a developing investigator’s total body of work combined with a representative new research manuscript will be considered as criteria to determine the award recipient. The award is selected by the Research Committee during the Annual Meeting and need not be given annually. It is not open to NANOS Fellows.

2019 Recipient
Ghislaine L. Traber, MD for her project “The untuned visuo-temporal cortex in patients with visual snow”

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William F. Hoyt Lecture at the AAO Annual Meeting

2018 Recipient
Joseph F. Rizzo III, MD - Unraveling the Enigma of Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy

2017 Recipient
Kathleen B. Digre, MD - More Than Meets the Eye: What an Ophthalmologist Needs to Know About Migraine and the Eye

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Best Frank B. Walsh Session Paper Presentation by a Fellow

2019 Recipient
Paul R. Freund, MD, MSc, FRCSC - Go with your Gut Feeling 

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Fight for Sight/NANOS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

2020 Recipient (to be presented at the NANOS 2020 Annual Meeting; 2018 FFS/NANOS Award)
Yosbelkys Martin Paez, MD -  Cognitive and Neurological Screening of Controls in an Age-Related Macular Degeneration Registr

2018 Recipient
Ryan Gise, MD - The Epidemiology of Traumatic Pediatric Visual Pathway Injurie

2016 Recipient
Stacy Smith, MD - Characterizing ocular motor abnormalities in patients with vestibular migraines and their response to migraine preventive therapy

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Pilot Research Grant

2019 Recipient
Heather Moss, MD, PhD - “Optic Nerve Biomechanics in High Intracranial Pressure States”

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NANOS Dedication Award

2011 Recipient
Thomas J. Carlow, MD

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NANOS Merit Award

The NANOS Merit Award recognizes NANOS members who have made extraordinary contributions of time, energy, and resources to NANOS for the betterment of the organization.

2019 Recipients
Sachin Kedar, MD
Lanning Kline, MD
Christian J. Lueck, PhD, FRACP, FRCP (UK), FAAN

2018 Recipients
Daniel Gold, MD
Matthew Kay, MD
Klara Landau, MD
Nancy Lombardo

2017 Recipient
Lynn K. Gordon, MD, PhD
Karl C. Golnik, MD

Daniel M. Jacobson Memorial Lecture

2019 Recipient
Nancy J. Newman, MD - Leber hereditary optic neuropathy: from bedside to bench to bedside

2018 Recipient
Jonathan C. Horton, MD, PhD - Vascular supply of the occipital lobe explains why certain patterns of visual field loss from embolic stroke are common and others are prohibited

J. Lawton Smith Award

2019 Recipient

Hong Jiang, MD for her paper "Altered Macular Microvasculature in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer Disease" 

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