Meet NANOS 2024 Merit Award recipient, Dr Devin Mackay. 

Devin Mackay, MD

Ophthalmology or Neurology?
  - Neurology

What was the best clinical pearl you learned in fellowship?
  - Adhere to a high standard of excellence with an organized and systematic approach to patient evaluations and don't take shortcuts. 

What are the top 3 things you've learned over the past 5 years?

  1. Even though you may know a patient's diagnosis or treatment plan before you even see them, most patients still need to feel heard and that you are willing to listen to them.
  2. Show mercy to colleagues.
  3. Consistency and diligence are rewarded.

Tell us about your involvement with NANOS!
  - I started serving on several committees just after completing my fellowship.  It was a rewarding experience as I served on education-themed committees that fit with my interests, allowed me to meet and work with other NANOS members with similar interests, and has provided important networking opportunities for collaboration.  

Advice for Members Interested in Involvement with NANOS
  - It helps to identify a theme or topic that you are passionate about and would be useful to the NANOS organization and its members.You can then reach out to NANOS members and leaders who already serve in the field that interests you and ask them how you can get involved. It also helps to get to know more NANOS members and when you are given an assignment, do it well and on time.  

What do you know at this stage in your career that you wish you knew when you first joined NANOS?
  - It is important to get to know and network with other NANOS members, especially at NANOS meetings.  You can meet great people that can be lifelong friends and you have something to offer them and they have something to offer you.   

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