NANOS Co-Sponsored Symposia in Other International Conferences Policy

NANOS is committed to promoting medical education and the exchange of scientific information to support our primary mission of achieving excellence in patient care through the support and promotion of education.  In addition, NANOS is committed to promoting collaboration between medical specialties, and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world who share our values.

To this end, NANOS will endorse medical meetings that are consistent with these goals and will partner with other medical societies and organizations to support scientific and educational meetings/sessions that pertain to neuro-ophthalmology.

NOTE: No presentation or program that cites NANOS as a sponsor or implies such sponsorship or involvement of NANOS in the activity, or uses the NANOS logo, may do so without advance review by and express written permission from the NANOS Board as outlined in the process below.  Failure to adhere to this requirement may lead to the NANOS Board applying sanctions against the offending member for this behaviour.


NANOS has agreed to host symposia at various international meetings. Examples of international meetings include but not limited to PAAO, SOE, MEACO, APAO, WOC and ASNOS. A few members of NANOS already attend these meetings and approaches have been made to individual members of NANOS by several conference organizers.

The arrangements are as follows:

  1. Individual members of NANOS planning to attend a specific international meeting may contact organizers of local meetings to gauge interest in mounting a NANOS co-sponsored symposium, or vice versa.
  2. The local meeting organizer would then formally request this individual to convene a symposium on behalf of NANOS.
  3. If the Board approves the application, this convener will then draw up a proposed program of topics and speakers with help from the International Relations Committee (IRC),  if appropriate. The faculty would be selected from members of NANOS who were already planning to go (or were willing to go) to the meeting.
  4. The IRC would review the proposal and make comments, as appropriate.
  5. The proposed program would be submitted for approval to the Board of NANOS; if approved, the symposium could be “badged” as endorsed by NANOS.
  6. All faculty members would expect to be self-funding. There would be no financial assistance from NANOS and most of the international meetings would be unlikely to offer financial support.
  7. The convener would liaise with the local conference organizers as necessary and be responsible for coordinating any syllabus material, etc.  
  8. The use of the NANOS logo and branding would be allowed with the formal endorsement only. The symposium should be promoted as a NANOS co-sponsored symposium in all marketing materials. 

This arrangement would have the benefit of furthering neuro-ophthalmological education around the world, and would “fly the flag” for NANOS, encouraging new people to attend NANOS meetings.

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