NANOS Committees | 2022 - 2024

To view the purpose, tasks, and member roster for each committee, as well as the NANOS 2020-2024 strategic plan, please click on the links below.

NEW! 2022-2024 Committee Reports:
Committee Chairs are asked to provide a committee report 3 times during the committee term as a way of tracking progress and staying focused on the tasks assigned to each committee.

  • First year: Report 1: December 31, 2022 (before the 2023 Board of Directors face-to-face meeting; Officers meet in late-January/early February)
  • Second year: Report 2: September 1, 2023 (before the AAO Board of Directors face-to-face meeting in November; Officers meet late-September/early October)
  • Second year: Final or Report 3: April 16th, 2024

Other Helpful committee resources:

  • NANOS Mission: The North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (NANOS) is dedicated to achieving excellence in care of patients with neuro-ophthalmic diseases by the support and promotion of education, research, and the practice of neuro-ophthalmology.
  • NANOS Bylaws.
  • NANOS 2020-2024 Strategic Long-Range Plan. This document outlines NANOS’s strategic priorities for the next four years and has been developed with NANOS’s Mission as its guiding light. 
  • NANOS 2022-2024 Organizational Arm Chart. This document provides a high-level overview of the structure of NANOS. 
  • NANOS Committee Purposes. This document highlights the charge of each of NANOS’s 40 committees and taskforces. 
  • NANOS Committee Tasks. (login required) This document clearly outlines the tasks of each committee, how they align with the strategic goals of the organization, and which other NANOS committee(s) you may consult with. 
  • NANOS Listserv Rules & Terms.
  • NANOS Avoidance of Anticompetitive Behavior Guidelines.
  • Intercommittee Liaisons clarification: Because NANOS Committees often have tasks that are either dependent upon another Committee's work, or because their tasks are closely related, or in some cases, because one committee produces a work product and another disseminates it (i.e., the Social Media Committee), NANOS often appoints “Intercommittee Liaisons" who help strengthen communication and collaboration between NANOS committees. An Intercommittee Liaison is not expected to take an active role on the committee that they are appointed to liaise with, but rather are asked  to observe the activity and contribute to/advise on the discussion if it pertains to their "home" committee where they serve as a committee member or committee Chair/Co-Chair or Vice Chair. Intercommittee Liaisons are usually non-voting members of the committee they advise, unless indicated otherwise by the President. They are not expected to attend all committee meetings but are welcome to do so if they wish. They are also added to the committee listserv so that they can observe committee conversations and provide feedback when they deem necessary. NANOS Arm Officers also act as committee liaisons.

For Committee Members, each term is 2 years with a maximum of 3 terms.
For Committee Chairs, each term is 2 years with a maximum of 3 terms.
The President & Executive Vice President are Ex-Officio members of all Committees.


Committee and Organizational Posters:
Click here to view the committee and organizational posters from the NANOS 2022 Annual Meeting.
Click here to view the committee and organizational posters from the NANOS 2023 Annual Meeting.
Click here to view the committee and organizational posters from the NANOS 2024 Annual Meeting.


Arm Officer: N. Newman

Curriculum Committee

Chair: S. Kedar
Vice Chair: K. Digre

NOVEL Committee
Chair: K. Digre
Vice Chair: D. Gold
Vice Chair: M. Seay

NOVEL Editorial Board
Chair: T. Bhatti
Vice Chair: G. Szatmary

Fellowship Committee
Chair: J. Chen
Vice Chair: M. Lee

Fellowship Match Implementation Taskforce
Chair: H. Moss

Patient Information Committee
Chair: D. Mackay
Vice Chair: V. Elmalem

AAO Committee
Chair/AAO Councilor: P. Quiros
Vice Chair: M. Tamhankar

Hoyt Selection Subcommittee
Chair: S. Feldon
Vice Chair: V. Biousse

AAN Committee
Chair: A. Antonio
Vice Chair: N. Rasool

New Knowledge in Neuro-Ophthalmology Committee
Chair: H. Moss
Vice Chair: J. Chen


Arm Officer: P. Quiros

Scientific Program Committee
Chair: P. Quiros
Vice Chair: J. Falardeau

Abstract Committee
Chair: B. Bruce
Vice Chair: S. Pineles

Walsh Committee
Chair: P. Quiros
Vice Chair: J. Chen

Jacobson Lecture Subcommittee
Chair: P. McNussen
Vice Chair: F. Costello


Arm Officer: M. Moster

Finance Committee
Chair: M. Moster
Vice Chair: P. Quiros

Investment Subcommittee
Chair: M. Wall
Vice Chair: P. McNussen

Audit Committee
Chair: L. Levi
Vice Chair: M. Di Nome

Development Committee
Co-Chair: D. Friedman
Co-Chair: F. Costello
Vice Chair: B. Frishberg


Arm Officer: A. Lee

Practice Support Committee
Chair: K. Lai
Vice Chair: C. Boisvert

Productivity & Compensation Committee
Chair: P. McNussen
Vice Chair: M. Di Nome

Advocacy Committee
Co-Chair: M. Ko
Co-Chair: B. Yates
Vice Chair: A. Antonio

Informatics and Telemedicine Committee
Chair: K. Lai
Vice Chair: L. DeLott

Outcome Measures Committee
Co-Chair: H. Moss
Co-Chair: J. Chen

Workforce/Patient Access Committee
Chair: P. McNussen
Vice Chair: M. Tamhankar


Arm Officer: H. Moss

Research Committee
Chair: K. Shindler
Vice Chair: K. Gokoffski

Publications Committee
Chair: V. Pelak

Demonstration of Neuro-Ophthalmology Value Committee
Chair: L. De Lott

YONO Committee
Co-Chair: N. Rasool
Co-Chair: A. Melson

WIN Commmittee
Chair: B. Yates
Vice Chair: S. Khanna


Arm Officer: M. Ko

International Relations Committee
Chair: C. Fraser
Vice Chair: M. Perez-Rueda

Membership Committee
Co-Chair: S. Hamilton
Co-Chair: R. Legge

Membership Retention & Recruitment Committee
Co-Chair: C. Francis
Co-Chair: M. Ko
Vice Chair: C. Boisvert

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Taskforce
Chair: L. Gordon
Vice Chair: O. Adesina

Neuro-Ophthalmology Pipeline Committee
Co-Chair: C. Francis
Co-Chair: S. Szweka

Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee
Chair: A. Antonio
Vice Chair: K. Lai


Arm Officer: V. Biousse

Executive Committee
Chair: P. Subramanian

AMA Liaison
AMA Delegate: B. Frishberg
AMA Alternate Delegate: A. Antonio 

Bylaws Committee
Chair: A. Fraser
Vice Chair: P. McNussen

Ethics Committee
Chair: L. Levi
Vice Chair: V. Biousse

Strategic Planning Committee
Chair: L. Frohman

Nominating Committee
Chair: V. Biousse



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