NANOS Committees | 2020 - 2022

To view the purpose, tasks, and member roster for each committee, as well as the NANOS 2020-2024 strategic plan, please click on the links below.

For Committee Members, each term is 2 years with a maximum of 3 terms.
For Committee Chairs, each term is 2 years with a maximum of 3 terms.
The President & Executive Vice President are Ex-Officio members of all Committees.






Arm Officer: N. Newman

Curriculum Committee

Chair: S. Kedar
Vice Chair: K. Digre

NOVEL Committee
Chair: K. Digre
Vice Chair: D. Gold
Vice Chair: M. Seay

NOVEL Editorial Board
Chair: T. Bhatti
Vice Chair: G. Szatmary

Fellowship Committee
Chair: J. Rucker
Vice Chair: P. Subramanian

Patient Information Committee
Chair: K. Lai
Co-Vice Chair: S. Mollan
Co-Vice Chair: D. Mackay

New Knowledge in Neuro-Ophthalmology Committee
Chair: H. Moss
Vice-Chair: J. Chen


Arm Officer: P. Subramanian

Scientific Program Committee
Chair: P. Subramanian
Vice Chair: P. Quiros

Abstract Committee
Chair: B. Bruce
Vice Chair: S. Pineles

Walsh Committee
Chair: P. Quiros
Vice Chair: S. Chung

Social Committee
Chair: L. Frohman

CME Committee
Chair: B. Wallace
Vice Chair: D. Mackay


Arm Officer: M. Moster

Finance Committee
Chair: M. Moster
Vice Chair: P. Quiros

Investment Subcommittee
Chair: M. Wall
Vice Chair: J. Selhorst

Audit Committee
Chair: L. Levi
Vice Chair: L. Kline

Development Committee
Chair: D. Friedman
Vice Chair: B. Frishberg




Arm Officer: P. Calvert

Practice Support Committee
Chair: H. Moss
Vice Chair: K. Lai

Productivity & Compensation Committee
Chair: P. McNussen
Vice Chair: M. Acierno

Advocacy Committee
Co-Chair: M. Ko
Co-Chair: P. Subramanian

Informatics and Telemedicine Committee
Co-Chair: B. Bruce
Co-Chair: K. Lai
Vice Chair: V. Patel

Outcome Measures Committee
Co-Chair: H. Moss
Co-Chair: J. Chen

Workforce/Patient Access Committee
Chair: P. Phillips
Vice Chair: P. McNussen


Arm Officer: J. Rucker

Research Committee
Chair: K. Shindler
Vice Chair: K. Gokoffski

Publications Committee
Chair: V. Pelak

Demonstration of Neuro-Ophthalmology Value Committee
Chair: P. Subramanian



Arm Officer: P. Quiros

YONO Committee
Co-Chair: C. McClelland
Co-Chair: N. Rasool
Vice Chair: K. Lai

WIN Commmittee
Chair: B. Yates
Vice Chair: L. Gordon

International Relations Committee
Chair: C. Fraser
Vice Chair: M. Perez-Rueda

Membership Retention & Recruitment Committee
Co-Chair: P. Quiros
Co-Chair: M. Ko
Vice Chair: C. Francis

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Taskforce
Chair: L. Gordon
Vice Chair: V. Biousse

Neuro-Ophthalmology Pipeline Committee
Co-Chair: C. Francis, MD
Co-Chair: S. Szweka, MD



Arm Officer: V. Biousse

AAO Committee
Chair: P. Subramanian
Vice Chair: P. Quiros

AAN Committee
Chair: N. Rasool
Vice Chair: A. Antonio

AMA Taskforce
Chair: B. Frishberg
Vice Chair: N. Volpe

Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee
Chair: M. Ko
Vice Chair: E. Fortin




Arm Officer: A. Lee

Executive Committee
Chair: V. Biousse

Bylaws Committee
Chair: A. Fraser
Vice Chair: P. McNussen

Ethics Committee
Chair: L. Mejico

Membership Committee
Chair: S. Hamilton
Vice Chair: S. Legge

Nominating Committee
Chair: A. Lee

Strategic Planning Committee
Chair: L. Frohman





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