Merit Award

The NANOS Merit Award recognizes NANOS members who have made extraordinary contributions of time, energy, and resources to NANOS for the betterment of the organization.


2021 MERIT AWARD RECIPIENT: Congratulations Dr. Sophia Chung!

DEADLINE: November 7, 2021.

WHY? This award recognizes NANOS members who have made extraordinary contributions of time, energy, and resources to NANOS.  Examples of exemplary service could be streamlining processes within committees, creating/implementing new initiatives/programs, creating/editing educational materials, advocating for NANOS and Neuro-ophthalmology to government and non-governmental organizations such as the AAO and the AAN, etc.

WHO? It is open to all members and is meant to recognize the tireless effort and dedication that many members have shown for the betterment of the organization over this past year. Please note that those who are Past Presidents and those currently serving on the Executive Committee or Board are not eligible for this recognition. The roster of award recipients will be proposed by the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee with final approval by the Board of Directors.

KNOW SOMEONE? Submissions for 2022 Merit Award are now open and can be submitted here. Thank you!

CLICK HERE to view last year’s recipients.  

WHEN? Individuals who are selected for the awards will be recognized during the NANOS Annual Meeting.  NANOS values every member who invests in the development of the Society and its growth. Thank you for helping us recognize those who have made outstanding contributions over the last year.

NEW!! The NANOS Merit Award now comes with complimentary dues for the upcoming year. What a great way to recognize our members for their dedication and loyalty to NANOS!

2022 Merit Award Deadline: November 7, 2021.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and acknowledging NANOS talents!



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