Update on MOG & AQP4

MOG antibody testing is now available through Mayo Medical Laboratories.  The test is available as both a stand-alone test (Mayo Test ID: MOGFS) and as part of an evaluation paired with AQP4 (Mayo Test ID: CDS1).  Patients presenting with sudden vision loss, significant disc edema, or recurrent optic neuritis should consider testing for both MOG and AQP4 antibodies since the combination of these two tests allows for the most comprehensive evaluation for patients recently diagnosed with demyelinating diseases.

The evaluation of both AQP4 and MOG will test for both antibodies simultaneously using a fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) live cell-binding assay which provides optimal sensitivity and specificity in the detection of these antibodies.  The antibodies are run simultaneously (not reflexed) in order to ensure the highest diagnostic yield while minimizing turn-around-time.  The maximum TAT for the evaluation is 7 days whereas, if performed reflexively, approx. 95% of cases would require a MOG reflex which would extend the TAT to a total of 10 days or more.

Additional Resources :

·         Educational Brochure

·         Report Example / Explanation

Summary of Available Assays:

Mayo Clinic Test ID

Test Name



AQP4 FACS Assay, Serum

5 Days


MOG FACS Assay, Serum

5 Days


CNS Demyelinating Disease Evaluation, Serum (AQP4 and MOG)

7 Days



Testing is available through most hospital laboratories and major reference labs (ie. Quest and LabCorp) by requesting the test codes mentioned above.  If there are questions about the testing or how to access, the phone number for Mayo Medical Laboratories is also being included for your convenience: 1-855-516-8404

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