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NANOS Clinical Survey and Investigation Request Policy

To request an announcement of clinical surveys and investigations to NANOS membership, please click here.

Research Mentorship Program

NANOS is now offering research mentorship to members who have questions or issues about specific projects. Researchers can potentially receive assistance or direction in identifying and understanding basic issues surrounding study design, bias, confounding, and biostatistics in their studies.  It should be noted that these efforts are not intended to provide a comprehensive review of the project but rather give guidance.  Studies can be submitted for advice at any stage, but we strongly recommend consultation be sought prior to starting the study. Please note that the mentor is not acting in the role of a collaborator. Mentor authorship is not anticipated if a publication results from this type of research consultation. Mentors are experienced in funded research and generally come from the research committee or their delegates.

To learn more about the research mentorship program, please click here.

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