Create a Fundraiser

Whether it’s a holiday, your birthday, or other event, you can create a fundraiser to ask your Facebook friends and family to support NANOS. Help NANOS advance our mission and spread the word about our field, neuro-ophthalmic diseases, education, and patient care.

It’s fast and easy to create your own fundraiser! We can also help you along the way, if needed.

Here’s How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser in 6 Fast, Simple Steps:

1 - Decide the reason for your fundraiser. Is it your birthday? Are you honoring a loved one or another NANOS member for their birthday or anniversary? Is there a specific goal to support with your fundraiser, such as funding glaucoma research because a family member is affected? Making your fundraiser personal will make it more inviting for your friends and family to donate.

2 - Click this link to create your fundraiser. You should be logged in to your Facebook account. 

3- From the Fundraisers page, click "Raise Money" and select "Create a Fundraiser".

4 - You’ll then be guided through a few simple questions to set up your fundraiser! Choose an amount you feel you can raise. Donors can always surpass this amount, so it won’t limit donations. However, you want to set an amount that your donors can aspire to raise and reach. Every dollar helps.

5 - You can use a photo from our Facebook page or upload your own as the image for the fundraiser!

6 - Share your fundraiser on Facebook! Your Facebook friends and family will likely see your fundraiser and will donate if they can.

7 - You will be able to visit your fundraiser and thank people who donate. We will also drop by and thank people for participating! Have fun with your fundraiser. You’re using your birthday or other event to help a great cause!

Not on Facebook? Join today: 

Thanks again for your support of NANOS and our mission. Your donations go through Facebook, but 100% of the money raised is sent directly to NANOS to advance neuro-ophthalmic education, research, the practice of neuro-ophthalmology and excellence in care of patients!

or on the NANOS website.

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