NANOS Promotion Policy for Medical Meetings

NANOS is committed to promoting medical education and the exchange of scientific information in order to support our primary mission of achieving excellence in patient care through the support and promotion of education. In addition, NANOS is committed to promoting collaboration between medical specialties, and between healthcare providers in different parts of the world who share our values.

Meeting promotion requests should be sent to and reviewed by the NANOS leadership.
Based on the content relevance, the meeting can be approved to be promoted as follows:

  1. on the NANOS website only;
  2. NANOS website and social media, or
  3. NANOS website, social media and e-blast or mention in the NANOS Spotlight. If an e-blast option is approved by the leadership, the following disclaimer will be added to the event.

Disclaimer: This is an informational message only. The event is not organized by NANOS but its content is aligned with the NANOS mission and can be of interest and value to Neuro-ophthalmologists.

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