NANOS Heroes - Dr. Karl Golnik


Meet our August hero and NANOS 2017 Merit Award recipient, Dr. Karl Golnik. 


Karl Golnik, MD 

Ophthalmology or Neurology? Ophthalmology

What was the best clinical pearl you learned in fellowship?
There is a home for every paper (keep resubmitting!). Never say no to accepting academic opportunities (co-authoring, speaking engagements, committee service).

What are the top 3 things you’ve learned over the last 5 years?

1) Being Chairman of an academic department does not mean you are the boss!
2) Integrity is one of the most important leadership characteristics.
3) You are never too old to get involved in new NANOS projects.

Tell us about your involvement with NANOS! 
My first NANOS meeting was in my second year of residency (1989) and it helped me be sure neuro-ophthalmology was the right path for me. I tried to submit something for presentation every year and these helped hone my presentation skills. It seemed very natural to be involved with committee work and get to know so many great colleagues. Over the years I have been on too many NANOS committees to count and enjoyed Chairing at least several (Walsh, AAO). Service on the NANOS Board was rewarding and led to deeper insight into the organizations functioning. Most recently. I have been involved in the NANOS Illustrated Curriculum project and have just started helping organize a new project aimed at basic examination techniques for non-neuro-ophthalmologists. Involvement in NANOS has been very rewarding from academic, professional and social perspectives. If you are a neuro-ophthalmologist, you must be involved with NANOS as an integral part of your career!

What would you say to members who want to be more involved in NANOS?

  • Never say “no” to an opportunity to participate in any NANOS endeavor.
  • It’s OK to let leadership know if you have specific interests in NANOS projects and committees.
  • You’ll never regret your NANOS involvement.

What do you know at this stage in your career that you wish you knew when you first joined NANOS?
Now after 30 years of neuro-ophthalmic practice, I still love it and wouldn’t go down any other path if I could go back in time. Life-long relationships and best friends are formed through NANOS.

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