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NANOSNET Terms and Rules

How do I send a message to the NANOSNET list?

Send a message to the NANOSNET list using the address: mailto: NANOSNET@LISTSERV.NANOSWEB.ORG
Replies to messages on the list go to ALL members of the list, so be careful to check the To: field before you send a private response.  This will help to avoid embarrassment.

How do I post images or video to the NANOSNET list?

You are not permitted to attach files to NANOSNET messages.  This is to ensure that NANOSNET does not inadvertently spread worms or viruses to its members as file attachments. You can send any images or video that accompany a message to Ed FitzGibbon, M.D. at: .  He will place them on a public NANOS web page for download by NANOSNET members, and will then send you the links to the files to include in a NANOSNET message.  You MUST screen all images or video for any identifying patient information, and carefully remove it BEFORE submitting the materials to us for posting.

My name or my email is wrong on the NANOSNET list; how do I change it?

The NANOS Executive Office handles the administrative matters for the NANOSNET list. To request changes in your email address or other personal information, please email the NANOS Executive Office at Content moderation will be done by Edmond J. FitzGibbon, M.D. ( ), and Preston C. Calvert, M.D. ( ).

What are the Terms of Use of NANOSNET email list?

Click here to view the Terms of Use for the NANOSNET.  Please note that this information is also posted on the Members' Only section of the website.  Please note the ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violations of the Terms of Use.  There will be NO warnings before sanctions are applied, so you MUST review the Terms of Use and follow them carefully.

How do I search the NANOSNET archives?

  1. Please click here to access the NANOSNET archives management portal. 
  2. Then choose the list serv whose archive you wish to search.
  3. On the next page, if you don't have a password associated with your list email address, please click on the link "Get Password" to register a list serv password.
  4. You then login, and let your browser set a cookie if possible.
  5. On the next page, fill in the search String box with minimal criteria to find what you want, and choose Search
  6. As a test: (Try entering "LHON" in the box to see what comes up)
  7. You can then click on the post number of the post that looks interesting to see it in its entirety.  

Please post a case or comment, and help us rejuvenate NANOSNET!

Preston C. Calvert, M.D.

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