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Dr. Janet Rucker - July 2022

We are grateful for the contributions of Janet Rucker, MD who served on the NANOS Board of Directors 2015-2022. She has been a supporting member of NANOS since early 2002. Read an exclusive interview with her below:

Janet Rucker, MD 

Describe the NANOS Board using 3 words. Passionate, Dedicated, Effective.

Tell us about your journey to the NANOS Board in 3 sentences. As many of us in the field experience, the members of NANOS have become great friends over the years and the organization and superior quality annual meeting are our home. Since completion of my fellowship training with Dr. Nancy Newman and Dr. Valerie Biousse, I embraced the opportunities provided through NANOS – from being a committee member, to becoming a committee chair, to eventually joining the Board. It has been my honor to serve on the NANOS Board and to “give back” to my friends and my home through this service.

What did you enjoy most about your Board service? The camaraderie of working closely with and learning leadership skills from a most committed and passionate group of colleagues and friends with a shared love of Neuro-Ophthalmology and a goal of making NANOS the absolutely best organization possible for its members.

What makes a good Board member? Listening skills, respect for others, courage to state one’s opinion, and a very strong work ethic.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about governance matters? There are many sides to every issue and it is extremely important to consider all viewpoints with respect and to come democratically to the most mutually fair and beneficial solution through a process of open discussion and willingness to compromise.

Who inspired you to get involved with NANOS? My first exposure to Neuro-ophthalmology and first awareness of NANOS was through Dr. Jack Selhorst when I was a medical student at St. Louis University. Dr. Selhorst ultimately assisted in introducing me to Dr. Nancy Newman. That early guidance and support of Dr. Jack Selhorst, Dr. Nancy Newman, and Dr. Valerie Biousse fostered my growth and independence as a NANOS member.

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