2020 Member Journal: pandemic reflections

What are NANOS members up to during the pandemic?

NANOS members are dealing with the pandemic in creative ways and funneling their energy into positive channels to help and support each other, their communities and our industry. We are pleased to see high levels of collaboration happening in teleneuro-ophthalmology efforts, poetry slams on the WIN listserv, as well as inspirational and uplifting stories on NANOSnet. Below are just a few examples of what NANOS members have been doing in this challenging time. You are not alone and what you do matters. Thank you!

Kevin Lai and Melissa Ko about to conduct a virtual visit with a patient

Kevin Lai delivering a Star Wars mask made by his wife Kristina to Melissa Ko

Marc Dinkin giving Grand Rounds on COVID and Neuro-ophthalmology for Cornell via Zoom

Heather Moss and Shannon Beres demonstrating visual system examination during video visits

Valerie Purvin teaching ophthalmology  residents via Zoom (her first time)


Inspirational Stories

Dr. Deborah Friedman has been sending messages of hope, inspiration, and gratitude to the NANOS membership on the NANOSnet every Friday. The tribute to her mom deserves a special shout-out and is shared here with Dr. Friedman’s consent. Thank you for bringing rays of sunshine as well as inspirational stories, humorous skits, manifestations of art, music and poetry to NANOS, Deb! We notice and we are grateful.  Visit NANOSnet archives to view all the Happy Friday emails shared by Dr. Friedman.

Happy Friday Email

Dated: May 15, 2020

From: Deborah Friedman

To: NANOSnet


Happy Friday!


My mother is just shy of 93-years-old and lives in South Florida.   Ever since the COVID-19 restrictions, whenever I talk with her on the phone, the conversation always turns to….her HAIR.  By way of background, she was quite ill about a year ago and has not been able to stand without assistance since then.  She lives in a condo and has aides that come in and help her.  She always jokes that her only social life is going to doctors’ appointments, which is pretty much true.  So it’s not like she was out partying on the beach before the COVID-19 lock-down (pun intended).  However, she “looks terrible, just awful” because she hasn’t been able to go to the hairdresser for 2 months.  Oh, and she needs a manicure also.  As for me – let’s just say that short hair needs frequent maintenance.


I thought about writing this song about a month ago, and finally recorded it last weekend.  As the salons started to open this week in Texas, it was a big motivator for me to get ‘er done.  For those of you who are not country music aficionados, the original is “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town. 


My voice is a little tired from doing too much telemedicine and, well, I am keeping my day job.

At the risk of completely destroying my reputation, I am sharing this with you.  Hopefully either you or someone you know can relate to this.  Dedicated to my mom:


Have a good weekend, stay strong and be well (groomed),


Deb (freshly coiffed 4 days ago)

More from Deb:

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