NOVEL Committee Highlights

APRIL 2023

What is your committee working on and how does it impact NANOS Members?
The NOVEL committee is really 3 committees that work inter-relationally together—they are the NOVEL committee, the Curriculum committee, and the NOVEL Editorial Board.  Submissions to the NOVEL library are reviewed by the NOVEL Editorial Board and hence considered peer-reviewed teaching publication items on your curriculum vitae.  

Select submissions are chosen to be part of the NANOS Illustrated Curriculum (IC), which is now the official curriculum for fellowship training in Neuro-ophthalmology.  The NANOS IC is available for free to members on the NANOS website; however, a more feature-rich version is available to everyone (trainees, non-members) through STAT!Ref via your institution’s library.

Additionally, the NANOS NOTE (Neuro-ophthalmology Techniques in Examination) is tailored to NON-Neuro-ophthalmologists (providers in general medicine, emergency medicine, allied health fields) and can also be licensed through an institutional subscription OR individually via or 1-800-901-5494.

NOVEL is now active on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Novelnanos) and posts educational content, along with posts to promote NANOS’s educational products.

We have also acquired the copyright to Irene Loewenfeld’s magnum opus, The Pupil, and it is now open access on the NOVEL website.  

NOVEL is built by NANOS members for NANOS members, please consider contributing by visiting and clicking the “Submissions” tab. 


Did you know that NANOS has 40+ committees and taskforces? 

NANOS is proud of and grateful for having so many engaged volunteers who are passionate about advancing our mission. All our volunteers are the blood vessels of our organization. All that NANOS does ties back to their ongoing efforts and hard work behind the scenes.

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