Curriculum Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Sachin Kedar
Vice Chair: Kathleen Digre

Tariq Bhatti
Sophia Chung
Valerie Elmalem
Julie Falardeau
Clare Fraser
Daniel Gold
Karl Golnik
Sean Gratton
Amanda Henderson
William Hills
Sangeeta Khanna
Nancy Lombardo
Shannon Lynch
Devin Mackay
Raghu Mudumbai
Benjamin Osborne
Victoria Pelak
Jason Peragallo
John Pula
Andrea Stahulak
Aimee Szewka
Gregory Van Stavern
Amrita Vuppala
Zoe Williams

Organizational Arm Officer: Nancy Newman


The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to develop the definitive neuro-ophthalmology curriculum.

Committee Tasks

  • Establishes tiered neuro-ophthalmology curriculum for (in order of priority) Neuro-Ophthalmology fellows, ophthalmology and neurology residents, medical students
  • Links curriculum to NOVEL assets
  • Seeks out potential assets from members as curriculum gaps are filled
  • Incorporates online quiz tool for self assessments
  • Remains informed about progress of other Neuro-Ophthalmology curricula (E.g. in Ophthalmology and Neurology MOC, FRCS(C), European Board of Ophthalmology), and keeps the relevant groups informed about what NANOS has to offer in terms of curriculum content and expertise
            • Explores and develops ideas that could monetize our offerings to these groups

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will develop its financial resources to support its goals
  • NANOS will foster the development of future Neuro-Ophthalmologists
    • By expanding/improving the neuro-ophthalmology curriculum on NOVEL (including cross referencing with NOVEL resources)
  • NANOS will be the premier resource for neuro-ophthalmic educational programs and services
    • NANOS shall develop NOVEL's resources to include the neuro-ophthalmology  curriculum linked to resources
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NANOS members have successfully presented a poster on Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowships and Careers at the AAN Faculty and Trainee Reception at the AAN 2018 Annual Meeting.

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