Membership Committee Highlights

December 2023

What is your committee working on and how does it impact NANOS Members? 
The Membership Committee periodically reviews applications for new membership or a change in membership class. We also assist MRR in collecting dues for membership that are in arrears. We have developed a proposal for complete online application for membership, which will alleviate some use of the NANOS executive office staff and speed up the application process. We have also developed a proposal for board discussion for adjusted rates for applicants from low and lower middle-income countries to broaden membership in NANOS. Finally, we have developed a new Student Member category for NANOS to assist in encouraging physicians early in their studies to consider a career in neuro-ophthalmology.

What resources should the membership be aware of?
The Membership Committee relies heavily on the staff of the executive office in carrying out its duties to members. Members should be aware there is a very handy tool on the NANOS website to find a neuro-ophthalmologist anywhere in the world, if he or she is a NANOS member. Our accomplishments this year are summarized in the prior question.

Did you know that NANOS has 40+ committees and taskforces? 

NANOS is proud of and grateful for having so many engaged volunteers who are passionate about advancing our mission. All our volunteers are the blood vessels of our organization. All that NANOS does ties back to their ongoing efforts and hard work behind the scenes.

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