Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee Highlights

JULY 2023

What is your committee working on and how does it impact NANOS Members? 
The Social Media & Digital Strategy Committee collaborates with other NANOS committees and the Executive Office to promote neuro-ophthalmology on social media platforms. NANOS maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and shares topics within neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, and neurology on a regular basis. Our members also promote neuro-ophthalmology events, such as webinars and subspecialty lectures throughout the year, including those at the major academic conferences (e.g., NANOS, AAN, AAO). Advocacy-related concerns are also highlighted, bringing to light the issues most relevant to NANOS members. These efforts increase awareness of our field and adds neuro-ophthalmic expertise to the public discourse.

What resources should the membership be aware of?
Creating social media content requires a constant stream of ideas, but each individual post does not require a significant amount of time investment. Consider sharing some of your own knowledge on social media platforms and tag NANOS (see our handles below)! NANOS members have previously been highlighted as being the most active promoters of educational content at academic meetings. Check out Dr. Melissa Ko's discussion of Social Media in Neuro-Ophthalmology during the 2023 NANOS Annual Meeting, or Lai et al's State-Of-The-Art Review recently published in JNO for ideas on how to get started using social media professionally.



Did you know that NANOS has 40+ committees and taskforces? 

NANOS is proud of and grateful for having so many engaged volunteers who are passionate about advancing our mission. All our volunteers are the blood vessels of our organization. All that NANOS does ties back to their ongoing efforts and hard work behind the scenes.

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