AAO Committee Highlights

JUNE 2023

What is your committee working on and how does it impact NANOS Members?
The NANOS Subcommittee for AAO chaired by Dr. Peter Quirós and Dr. Madhura Tamhankar along with other members of the subcommittee organize the neuro-ophthalmology subspecialty day at the AAO. The neuro-ophthalmology subspecialty day will be held every year at the AAO to attract ophthalmology residents towards neuro-ophthalmology as a career. Additionally, the NANOS subcommittee organizes the neuro-ophthalmology symposium that precedes the Hoyt lectureship. 

This year at the AAO, efforts are being made to include state-of-the-art topics for the subday and symposium with special emphasis on talks on ophthalmic surgery relevant to ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmologists alike.  

What resources should the membership be aware of?
Every effort has been made this year to include topics for the subday and symposium that will be useful to the NANOS membership. Those eyeing neuro-ophthalmology as a career choice will be exposed to educational information that identifies the broad scope of practice via case presentations, didactics, talks from experts during subday and symposium. A written outline discussing relevant differential diagnosis and teaching points from various cases will be available to attendees. 

Did you know that NANOS has 40+ committees and taskforces? 

NANOS is proud of and grateful for having so many engaged volunteers who are passionate about advancing our mission. All our volunteers are the blood vessels of our organization. All that NANOS does ties back to their ongoing efforts and hard work behind the scenes.

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