International Relations Committee Highlights

APRIL 2023

What is your committee working on and how does it impact NANOS Members?
The International Relations Committee represents and advocates for the NANOS members who are from outside of North America. We try to make sure that international members' have a voice within NANOS, and we strive to include them in as many NANOS activities as possible. We are proud to announce that our past IRC chair, Prof Susan Mollan is now an observer on the NANOS board. Recently we have completed a large survey of our international members and will be providing feedback to the board on how NANOS can continue to be an inclusive and diverse group.

What resources should the membership be aware of?
The IRC has organised several of the sypmosia at past NANOS conferences. Our session on neuro-ophthalmic manifestations of infectious disease was particularly well attended. This year we are part of a key symposium highlighting how our international members approach optic neuritis and IIH. Please join us at the 2023 NANOS On-Demand Annual MeetingOn-Demand content is available from the comfort of your home or office April 5 - August 31, 2023. Register now and earn up to 28.25 CME credits. If you are already registered, login now and start learning today. 


Our other key contribution to NANOS is translation work on the NANOS brochures. Updates to the Spanish translations are now complete and provide a great resource for all NANOS members who see Spanish speaking patients. Please click here to view the updated Spanish patient brochures. 


Did you know that NANOS has 40+ committees and taskforces? 

NANOS is proud of and grateful for having so many engaged volunteers who are passionate about advancing our mission. All our volunteers are the blood vessels of our organization. All that NANOS does ties back to their ongoing efforts and hard work behind the scenes.

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