2021 NANOS Call for Nominations for Board Directors

The NANOS Nominating Committee is now seeking nominations for two At-large Board positions. The three-year terms will start July 1, 2021. 

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO SERVE? Nominees must be Fellows of NANOS.  Self-recommendations are accepted.  Interested parties do not need to canvas the membership for letters – each suggestion will be carefully considered. International Fellows are not eligible for Board positions. Please see Article IV and V of the NANOS Bylaws for further details regarding the duties of the position.

WHAT IS THE EXPECTATION? With the expansion of NANOS's goals and activities, we need Board members who have a good working knowledge of NANOS, a track record of devoting time and energy to the organization, and proven leadership ability.  The Nominating Committee therefore takes into consideration commitment and service to NANOS, particularly in the performance of leadership roles such as being a NANOS Committee Chair.

HOW TO NOMINATE? If you would like to recommend someone for consideration, please click here with the recommendation(s), including the reason for your choice(s).
Click here to view the current slate of Officers and Board of Directors.
Click here to view the NANOS Historical Board listing.

DEADLINE FOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Closed Sunday, November 22, 2020

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