Tools for telemedicine

May 5, posted on YONO listserv

Subject: Tools for telemedicine

Hey everyone,

Here are some tools to help with telemedicine:

Stanford televideo exam techniques:

Farsight Near Vision card:

Web-based visual fields:

EyeHandbook App:

Strabismus-measuring app to hopefully come in the future (I wasn't crazy for imagining this!):

Apparently there's a need for more ophthalmology-based vision testing apps - there are quite a few optometry apps and websites. Maybe I need to get into that line of work!

This is the MDM calculator I made that people were talking about:

As Nathan was saying today, just because the MDM says that you *can* bill a level 5 visit doesn't mean that you actually can if the MDM doesn't match the expected severity of the diagnosis codes. That being said, there's quite a few of our diagnoses that are most likely going to fall in that very severe category, and the key here is that we need to document appropriately to reflect that. I'm still waiting to hear back from the AAO for them to help double-check the logic, but it seems to be pretty useful. Thanks again to my beta-testers! Usual disclaimers though - use at your own risk! :P

Looking forward to the next YONO hangout!


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