2018 Donors

NANOS would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations:

February 2018 - FEBRUARY 2019

NANOS Race Car Experience Fundraiser

A special thank you to Preston Calvert, MD, who has provided funds and support for organizing the NANOS Race Car Experience Fundraiser at the NANOS 2019 Annual Meeting. It was an extremely successful event that helped raise more than $5,500 to support NANOS educational offerings. More details and a list of all supporters and participants can be found here.


Glaser Society $5,000 - $9,999

  • Preston Calvert, MD (In honor of Neil Miller; NOVEL Fund), December 2018
  • Benjamin Frishberg, MD (In Memoriam of Harvey Braufman, MD; General Fund), January 2019


Wirtschafter Club  $1,000 - $2,499

  • Susan Carleton Benes, MD (In honor of Drs. Peter Savino and Norman Schatz; NOVEL Fund), December and April 2018
  • Sophia Chung, MD and John Holds, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Kathleen Digre, MD (In memoriam of Aditya Mishra, MD; NOVEL Fund), November 2018
  • Edmond FitzGibbon, MD (NOVEL Fund), November 2018
  • Deborah Friedman, MD (In honor of Alfredo Sadun; General Fund), November 2018
  • John L. Keltner, MD ( In honor of Drs. Ron Burde and Simmons Lessell; General Research Fund), January 2019
  • Melissa Ko, MD (In honor of WIN and the past, present and future women in Neuro-ophthalmology; General Fund), January 2019
  • Anonymous donor (In honor of NANOS Presidents past and present; General Fund), December 2018
  • Leah Levi, MD (In honor of the women of NANOS; General Fund), November 2018
  • Patricia Johnston McNussen, MD ( In honor of Drs. Jim Corbett and Stan Thompson; General Fund), December 2018
  • Nancy Newman, MD and Valerie Biousse, MD (In Memoriam of Simmons Lessell, MD; General Fund), December 2018
  • Peter Quiros, MD (General Fund), January 2019
  • Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD (NOVEL Fund), December 2018
  • Sharon Tow, MD (In honor of Neil Miller, MD; General Fund), December 2018
Averbuch-Heller Guild  $500 - $999
  • Madhu Agarwal, MD (In honor of Drs. Feldon and Sadun; General Fund), January 2019
  • Sumayya Almarzouqi, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Benjamin Frishberg, MD (In honor of Kathleen Digre, MD; NOVEL Fund), March 2018
  • Steven Hamilton, MD (In Memoriam of Simmons Lessell, MD; General Fund) February 2019
  • Gerard Hershewe, DO (Thomas and Susan Carlow Young Investigator Award Fund), February 2018
  • Lanning Kline, MD (In honor of the JNO Editorial Board; General Fund), December 2018
  • Greg Kosmorsky, MD (In Memoriam of Ron Burde, MD; General Fund) February 2019
  • Byron Lam, MD (NOVEL), September 2018
  • Andrew G. Lee, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Norah Lincoff, MD (In Memoriam of Drs. Harvey Lincoff and Ron Burde; General Fund), February 2019
  • Mark Moster, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Anil Patel, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • August Reader, MD (In honor of Myles Behrens; NOVEL Fund), February 2019
  • Vivian Rismondo-Stankovich, MD (In honor of Drs. Steven Feldon, Alfredo Sadun and Joel Weinstein; NOVEL Fund), December 2018
  • Seema Sundaram, MD (General Fund), January 2019
  • Charles A. Winkelman, MD (General Fund), April 2018
Hedges Club  $250 - $499
  • David Bellows, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Joseph Chacko, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Julie Falardeau, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Courtney Francis, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Christopher Glisson, MD (General Fund), February 2019 
  • Larry Frohman, MD (In honor of Mark Kupersmith, MD; General Fund), November 2018
  • Sachin Kedar, MD (General Fund), November 2018
  • Ruth and Robert Lesser, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Roy and Lynn Meckler (In honor of James Corbett, MD; General Fund), January 2019
  • Dennis Matzkin, MD (In Memoriam of Ronald Burde, MD; General Fund), February 2019
  • Fayçal Mokhtari, MD (General Fund), February 2019 
  • Bradley Phillips, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Hal Shaw, MD (In honor of Lanning Kline, MD; General Fund), December 2018
  • Barry Skarf, MD (General Fund), December 2018
  • Floyd Warren, MD (General Fund), February 2019
Zaret Society  $100 - $249
  • Andrew A. Berman, MD (General Fund), December and April 2018
  • Dan Boghen, MD (In Memoriam of Joel Glaser; General Fund), February 2019
  • John Chen, MD (General Fund), November 2018
  • Lynn Gordon, MD (In honor of Deb Friedman, MD; General Fund), February 2019
  • Nancy Lombardo (NOVEL Fund), February 2019
  • Collin McClelland, MD (In honor of Lanning Kline, MD; General Fund), November 2018
  • Heather Moss, MD, PhD (General Fund), February 2019
  • John Pula, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Carl Rosen, MD (In Memoriam of Ronald Burde, MD; General Fund), February 2019
  • Richard Selbst, MD (In honor of Norman Schatz, MD; General Fund), February 2019
  • Kimberly Winges, MD (In honor of Women in Neuro-Ophthalmology; General Fund), December 2018
Contributors  $1- $99
  • NEW! John Charley, MD (In honor of Preston Calvert, MD; General Fund), February 2019
  • C.A. Chien (In honor of Yahoo! Groups/NAION; General Fund), January 2019
  • Edward M. Cohn, MD (General Fund), January 2019
  • Leslie Detjen (General Fund), December 2018
  • Steven Grosser, MD (General Fund), February 2019
  • Piotr Molski, MD (General Fund), October 2018

NANOS GIVES IN RETURN! Unless indicated as “anonymous,” all donations will be acknowledged as follows:

  • Posted on NANOS website
  • Posted in NANOS program and syllabus 
  • Onsite signage at Annual Meeting
  • Acknowledged during the Annual Business Meeting/Banquet

If you value what NANOS represents and would like to support our initiatives and growth, please consider making a donation to NANOS today. 


  • Continue to flourish
  • Attract young neuro-ophthalmologists to our specialty
  • Foster research in neuro-ophthalmology 
  • Continue our high quality educational programs, and much more
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