2019 NANOS Race Car Fundraiser

NANOS would like to extend a special thank you to Preston Calvert, MD, who has provided funds and support for organizing the NANOS Race Car Experience Fundraiser at the NANOS 2019 Annual Meeting. There's still time to register! Please see the details below:

meet Preston Calvert

Preston Calvert, NANOS Past President, Neuro-Ophthalmologist and Professional Race Car Driver

"As part of the offsite activities available for NANOS 2019 attendees, we are offering a rare opportunity.  As some of you may know, I retired from active clinical practice 8 years ago, and for the past 5 years have been racing sports cars, most recently in a professional race series called Pirelli World Challenge, where I drive a car for the Panoz Racing Team, and am a multiple race winner: https://panoz.com/racing/
In addition to racing in a professional series with Panoz, I race a Porsche GT3 Cup car ( https://www.porsche.com/usa/motorsportandevents/motorsport/customerracing/racingcars/911-gt3-cup/ ) in a West Coast amateur series," Preston Calvert shares with his fellow NANOS members.

hello from Preston


When: Monday, March 18, 2019, 3:15pm

"With some racing friends, we will be bringing my Porsche race car and at least one more just like it to Las Vegas during the NANOS meeting, and we have rented the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Outer Course for the afternoon of Monday, 3/18/19 ( https://www.lvms.com/tracks/outside-road-course/ )."

Where: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Learn more about the track here.

EVENT Details

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride in a Porsche GT3 Cup race car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Powered by Dr. Preston Calvert, Neuro-Ophthalmologist and professional race car driver.

"The idea is to give interested NANOS members a chance to experience the exciting visual, vestibular, and auditory inputs that are part of driving in a proper race car on the track.  We will NOT try to scare or impress you, but will only go as fast as you feel comfortable, but up to near racing speeds if desired, while demonstrating the differences between driving a street car like yours from how a race car is driven.  I can guarantee you it will be safe and fun.  You will wear a racing helmet and a HANS device (to protect your neck), and you’ll be carefully belted with a 6 point harness into a safe racing seat on the passenger side of the this very safe race car," Preston Calvert explains.

"The cost of the event is $75 for one lap, $125 for two laps, and $175 for 3 laps.  If you want more seat time, that can also be arranged by request." 

Why: Funds raised at this event will support NANOS educational offerings

"ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to NANOS as a charitable donation from you, and none of the proceeds come to me or my colleagues in the race cars. This is all being done for charity, which is what I meant in describing that this event is for the NANOS charities in the following video, meaning to all of the purposes that NANOS puts it charitable donations to," Preston continues.  

Registration details

Registration is still available as part of NANOS 2019 Annual Meeting registration or click here to register just for this event.


"We can provide a video of the race car laps for the attendee. We routinely record all laps with a camera mounted in the car during practice and race sessions. We can use it to document these charity rides as well for an additional donation of $20 to everyone interested"

Please click here to view a sample of the video.


Long pants and closed-toe athletic shoes (loafers or similar) are all that’s required.  If it’s cold, bring a light jacket or sweater/fleece. A helmet and HANS device will be provided.


All participants are required to sign this waiver to participate in the race.

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NANOS would like to extend our thank you to the members below who have already supported our fundraiser and received a NANOS Race Driver badge. Way to go!

Hyosook Ahn
Shannon Beres
Beau Bruce
Dan Boghen
Thomas Carlow
Dean Cestari
Joseph Chacko
John Charley
John Chen
Alberto Distefano
Nitza Goldenberg Cohen
Steven Feldon
Edmond FitzGibbon
Benjamin Frishberg
Christopher Glisson
Nick R. Hogan
Bradley Katz
David Katz
Ralf Kiel
Sonalee Kulkarni
Andrew Lee
Marc Levy
Yin Allison Liu
Devin Mackay
Mitchel Matter
Luis Mejico
Anil Patel
Inbal Man Peles
Mark Robinson
Essam Elmatbouly Saber
Meagan Seay
Richard Sogg
Seema Sundaram
Floyd Warren
Konrad Weber
Kim Winges

Ride Sponsors:
Preston Calvert
Deb Friedman
Victoria Pelak
Patty McNussen

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