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NOVEL (Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library) is a discipline-specific, open access repository of digital materials (images, video, lectures, articles and animations), to be used for educational and research purposes by health care professionals, educators, patients, and students.

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NEW! NOVEL Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated Curriculum and TDS Health update  

July 11, 2022, the NOVEL Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated Curriculum has been adopted as the official subject matter curriculum to be used by AUPO FCC compliant neuro-ophthalmology fellowship programs.

Since 2016, NANOS and Eccles Health Sciences Library of the University of Utah have partnered with Teton Data Systems to create neuro-ophthalmology products on TDS Health, an online curricular and reference platform. Contact your librarian today and ask them to add these NANOS products to your library: 

To learn more about NANOS curricular products in Stat!Ref, contact TDS Health at, 800-901-5494. Read full press release here
To enquire about other educational resources and membership, contact NANOS Executive Office.


Kathleen Digre, MD, Chair, NOVEL Committee

Daniel Gold, MD
Vice Chair, NOVEL Committee

Nancy Lombardo, Eccles Health Sciences

Committee Purpose?

The purpose of the NOVEL Committee is to encourage growth and development of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library (NOVEL), creating, guiding and prioritizing activities. All materials in NOVEL are reviewed and approved through peer review by the NANOS NOVEL Editorial Board. To do this project we have collaborated with the Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah.

Recent Achievement(s) or Update(s)?


NANOS Illustrated Curriculum (IC) and Examination Techniques (NExT) – New Stat!Ref Interface

The two NANOS products on the Teton Data Systems platform, Stat!Ref, have had a major interface update. The new design uses larger text and more space to create a very readable and navigable interface. The left side navigation panel can be widened by the user to see longer titles.

NANOS Illustrated Curriculum (IC)

The NANOS IC (member login required) is updated quarterly. The “What’s New” section in the IC displays the past 6 months of updates, making it easy to find new learning materials.

The topics in the IC are now linked to three ebook titles by NANOS Authors:

  • Eye Movement Disorders in Clinical Practice, 2014, Wray
  • Neuroimaging in Ophthalmology 2/e, 2011, Lee, Policeni, Johnson
  • Neurology of Eye Movements 5/e, 2015, Leigh & Zee

If your institution subscribes to the NANOS IC and these 3 titles in Stat!Ref, they are all digitally interlinked, making a “one stop shop” for neuro-ophthalmology information.

Levels in the NANOS examination techniques (NExT) for Neuro-ophthalmology Curriculum

The goal of the NeXT curriculum is to enhance clinical examination skills of trainees at all levels, who evaluate patients with visual complaints, including those who have an underlying neurological disorder. The curriculum can be customized along the following lines: 

  1. Basic (Level 1) examination skills: We suggest this level for students (medical, nursing, allied health, optometry) and practitioners who want to gain a basic understanding of the examination of the visual and nervous system.
  2. Intermediate (Level 2) examination skills: We suggest intermediate level skill set training for those who have a working knowledge of the visual and nervous system and wish to enhance their repertoire with advanced techniques including imaging and electrophysiology. Trainees (residents or fellows) in ophthalmology, optometry, neurology, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology and physiatry will benefit from this curriculum.
  3. Advanced (Level 3) examination skills: We suggest advanced skill set training for those who wish to develop and maintain expertise in neuro-ophthalmology and neuro-otology.

If you have a subscription, please take a look at the new interface! If not, see instructions below:

NANOS Products on StatRef!

NANOS Examination Techniques (NExT) for Neuro-Ophthalmology
NANOS Illustrated Curriculum for Neuro-Ophthalmology

  • Walsh & Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology 6th Ed. (Included with either product)
  1. Institutional License:
    Ask your academic librarian to add NExT and NANOS Illustrated Curriculum to their library’s STAT!Ref subscription.
  2. Individual License:
    Contact Teton Data Systems:, 800-901-5494

Future Goal(s)?

Our next BIG project involves collaboration with the Curriculum Committee (Chair: Sachin Kedar) and the NOVEL Editorial Board (Chair: Tariq Bhatti). The NANOS Neuro-ophthalmology Curriculum is being updated by a task force of the Curriculum committee (Sachin Kedar, Kathleen Digre, Valerie Biousse). First published in 2006, this curriculum will be revised and re-organized to incorporate recent developments in the field and align it with the requirements of various accreditation bodies. When the outline is finalized, we will recruit Section Editors, who will be responsible for reviewing their sections and soliciting new learning objects to thoroughly cover all the topics in their area. This work will be reflected in the NANOS Illustrated Curriculum on the NANOS Web site for Members Only (login required) and in the Stat!Ref platform.
We continue to update and enhance other collections and we encourage submissions to the NOVEL library.

NANOS Annual Meeting: We have completed the addition of available 2019 meeting materials.

JNO: All issues have been added, maintaining the one year embargo as agreed upon with LWW.

•    Work continues on the Daniel Gold Collection (Johns Hopkins).
•    Continue to work with Andy Lee adding videos on neuro-ophthalmological condition pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment modalities into a NOVEL collection.
•    Working with Shirley Wray to get her Signs Rounds collection into NOVEL
•    Sachin Kedar’s Curriculum Committee identifies high educational yield pieces from the NANOS Annual Meeting and these are added to our Illustrated Curriculum.
•    Working on the Loewenfeld materials and will have a digital exhibit on the career of Irene Loewenfeld soon.

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The Illustrated Curriculum for Medical Practitioners with TDS Health

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