Demonstration of N-O Value Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Prem Subramanian

Valerie Biousse 
Beau Bruce
Lindsey DeLott

Organizational Arm Officer: Mark Moster (Chair, Practice Support & Carrier Relations)


To demonstrate the value of neuro-ophthalmology to the broader medical community by writing and publishing peer-reviewed articles that document the quality and efficiency of neuro-ophthalmic care.

Committee Goal(s)

  • To collect institutional level data from NANOS members that reflect referral and care patterns
  • To work with outside consultants and mine existing large databases of billing and diagnostic coding information
  • To analyze the data and determine in what ways care provided by neuro-ophthalmologists differs from our parent specialties (neurology, ophthalmology) as well as primary care
  • To identify areas where N-O care is more focused and efficient
  • To quantify the cost and (when possible) time savings to patients and payors
  • To determine downstream value and revenues provided to institutions as a result of care coordination by neuro-ophthalmologists.
  • To write research articles incorporating these data and publish them in targeted peer-reviewed journals for widest dissemination and readership.

Committee Tasks

  • To identify institutions where data collection is underway or where NANOS member effort and interest are available
  • To select initial focused tasks (diagnostic codes to investigate, referral patterns to identify) for data collection
  • To work with local and national consultants to extract and analyze the data relevant to the chosen diagnostic and referral areas
  • To develop algorithms or analytical methods that most effectively separate care and testing ordered by the neuro-ophthalmologist from that obtained prior to referral and care
  • To determine which areas of care delivery (imaging, office care and treatment, lab testing) show the greatest differential value for neuro-ophthalmology
  • To create writing groups of committee members and others (if needed) to rapidly disseminate the data
  • To annually report to the Board and membership

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will advocate for neuro-ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmology
  • NANOS will work to demonstrate the value (financial, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction) of neuro-ophthalmologists in any evolving health care system
  • NANOS will work to demonstrate the value (financial, outcome, and patient satisfaction) of neuro-ophthalmologists in any evolving united states health care system
  • NANOS will demonstrate the value of neuro-ophthalmic care through the Member survey by FTI - Compensation/Productivity Analysis Project
  • NANOS will develop quality outcome measures:
    • Clinical outcomes
    • Patient satisfaction outcomes
    • Process (cost) outcomes
  • NANOS will form and charge its quality of neuro-ophthalmic care committee
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