Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Larry Frohman (EVP)

Preston Calvert (Senior Vice President for Neuro-ophthalmic Advocacy and Practice)
Edmond FitzGibbon (Board Chair)
Andrew Lee (President)
Nancy Newman (Senior Vice President for Neuro-ophthalmic Education)
Trish Shomion (Executive Director)
Janel Fick
Toma Ossian

Organizational Arm Officer: Edmond FitzGibbon


To coordinate strategic planning for NANOS by providing continuity and institutional memory of our long range goals and their implementation, monitoring our progress toward those goals, and organizing periodic NANOS Executive Board Strategic Planning Retreats (SPRs).

Committee Tasks

  • Organize and facilitate NANOS Executive Board Strategic Planning Retreats every 4 years, in even numbered years, to coincide with the last 6 months of a President’s term
  • Present the results of this Strategic Plan within one month for Executive Board approval
  • Aid the President in reviewing the updated individual goals and tasks of the Strategic Plan as they relate to the current committee structure, committee charges, and committee members to allow for their most current prioritization
  • Provide a formal midcycle review every two years for Board adjustments as deemed necessary
  • Report each year at the Annual Meeting Board meeting on the progress made during the past year towards achieving the goals and tasks of the existing NANOS Long Range Strategic Plan
  • Report at least every other year (briefly!) to the general membership at the Annual Business Meeting

Committee Goal(s)

  • To best implement the tasks and goals defined in the NANOS Long Range Strategic Plan
  • To monitor progress towards those goals
  • To assist incoming Presidents in developing their charges to their committees
  • To assure that the goals of the NANOS Long Range Strategic Plan remain current, relevant and attainable

Long Range Planning Goal(s)

  1. NANOS will promote the financial well-being and viability of neuro-ophthalmologists in practice and in academics
  2. NANOS will advocate for neuro-ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmology
  3. NANOS will work to improve the ability of neuro-ophthalmologists to render neuro-ophthalmic care
  4. NANOS will develop its financial resources to support its goals
  5. NANOS will motivate and develop its member resources to support its goals
  6. NANOS will work to demonstrate the value (Financial, Clinical Outcomes, and Patient Satisfaction) of neuro-ophthalmologists in any evolving health care system
  7. NANOS will be the premier resource for neuro-ophthalmic educational programs and services
  8. NANOS will foster the development of future neuro-ophthalmologists
  9. NANOS will continue to publish a high quality journal
  10. NANOS will foster the development of research endeavors in neuro-ophthalmology and will disseminate information about research results
  11. NANOS will be the unified voice of neuro-ophthalmology in the United States and Canada
  12. NANOS will strive to assist its members in the process of continuous improvement of neuro-ophthalmic patient care
  13. NANOS will address how it will support the discipline of neuro-ophthalmology and govern itself while many members may practice a second subspecialty
  14. NANOS will be the premier resource for neuro-ophthalmic information and services for patients
  15. NANOS will be the premier resource for the neuro-ophthalmic information and services for other providers of health care
  16. NANOS will foster collegiality and professional relationships amongst its members and within the broader related neuro-ophthalmic and medical communities
  17. NANOS must balance simultaneously addressing the needs of our large majority US members, while meeting needs of our international members as best we can

Committee Report

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