Advocacy Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Preston Calvert
Vice Chair: Prem Subramanian 

Aileen Antonio
Drew Carey
Pamela Chavis
Adam DeBusk
Christopher Glisson
Robert Jensen
Matthew Kay
Melissa Ko
Kevin Lai (Chair, Patient Education)
Leah Levi
Patricia McNussen (Chair, Productivity & Compensation)
Peter MacIntosh
Eugene May
Crandall Peeler
Susan Pepin
Heather Moss (Chair, AAN and NONO)
Timothy Winter
Barbara Yates

Organizational Arm Officer: Preston Calvert (Chair, Advocacy)


The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to monitor proposals to change that which impacts neuro-ophthalmic care, be it compensation models from CMS, national standards for certification or scope of care, etc. and then to disseminate and promote the viewpoint of NANOS regarding these issues.

Committee Goal(s)

  • To try to make rainmakers (legislators/aides, policy wonks, federal officials) aware that the good health of the discipline of Neuro-Ophthalmology is important for the education of future physicians in several disciplines of medicine, for achieving better clinical outcomes, and for implementing cost-efficient models of care.

Committee Tasks

  • To monitor for legislative and/or national policy changes that will impact NANOS and its members
  • To work with the Board to develop NANOS policy on these issues as identified
  • To develop a strategy for disseminating NANOS’ viewpoints
  • To collaborate with the advocacy arms of national medical organizations when they are in alignment with our needs/goals
    • AAN, AAO, Cognitive Coalition and its members, AMA
  • To consider forming inter-specialty education committee(s) targeting these organizations that appear to be in longitudinal alignment with our goals.
    • e.g. Rheumatology, Endocrinology
  • To quarterly report to the Board and membership
  • Explore the use of social media as a tool for use by the Advocacy Committee (with help from the Informatics Committee)

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will advocate for neuro-ophthalmologists and neuro-ophthalmology
  • NANOS will develop closer ties with AAO, AAN and other members of the cognitive specialty coalition (CSC)
  • NANOS will investigate purchasing (part-time) representation/public relations efforts from existing Washington office of related aligned groups
  • NANOS will reorganize its advocacy committee to best interface with consultants and related groups such as AAO and AAN
    • NANOS may divide advocacy committee into advocacy and health policy committees
    • NANOS will staff CSC calls
  • NANOS will form and develop its AMA committee
    • NANOS shall participate in AMA specialty and service society caucus (SSS)as a route to achieving voice at.membership the AMA House of Delegates (HOD)
  • NANOS shall attempt to receive a unique taxonomy code for neuro-ophthalmology as a discipline to permit our differentiation
  • NANOS shall develop/expand public relations tasks in order to:
    • Release best of annual meeting information to related groups (AAO, AAN) and media
    • Build media relationships with media outlets to educate the public about the existence of neuro-ophthalmology and the advantages of seeking neuro-ophthalmic care
  • NANOS shall have the Advocacy Committee investigate use social media as an advocacy tool (M)
  • NANOS will partner with patient advocacy groups/identify patient advocate/champions
  • NANOS will attempt to develop models capturing the downstream revenue generation of neuro-ophthalmologists
  • NANOS will attempt to use its members who occupy positions of high-level input in related organizations to attempt to align their organizations with NANOS’ interests
  • NANOS will explore if board certification would significantly improve ability to advocate in neuro-ophthalmology
  • NANOS will promote the financial well-being and viability of neuro-ophthalmologists in practice and in academics
  • NANOS will perform a member survey to establish reliable productivity (RVU’s) and salary benchmarks
    • Member survey by FTI - Demonstration of Neuro-ophthalmic Value Project
  • NANOS will demonstrate the value of neuro-ophthalmic care through the Member survey by FTI - Compensation/Productivity Analysis Project
  • NANOS will develop quality outcome measures
  • NANOS will offer input regarding neuro-ophthalmic issues in the development of registries (iris, axon)
  • NANOS will develop resources to assist in advising if/how members should/could participate in new models of care
  • NANOS will develop a practice toolkit that might offer:
    • Icd-10  and coding support
    • EMR advice/consultation/best practices
    • Job/salary negotiation toolkit (as permitted by law)
  • NANOS will attempt to develop models capturing the downstream revenue generation of neuro-ophthalmologists
  • NANOS will show the opportunity cost savings to justify the salary of neuro-ophthalmologist (the difficult patient saved from retina, cornea, etc.)
  • NANOS will push for ACGME requirement that not only ophthalmology, but also neurology departments should be required to have a 50% or more neuro-ophthalmologist in their department for accreditation
  • NANOS will develop a program where a primary care physician can email a society contact point to see if a neuro-ophthalmologist would be the right person to consult with on a patient
  • NANOS will consider development of a program to support members’ efforts in telemedicine
  • NANOS will work to demonstrate the value (financial, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction) of neuro-ophthalmologists in any evolving health care system
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