Productivity/Compensation Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Patricia McNussen
Vice Chair: Marie Acierno

Shannon Beres
Gabrielle Bonhomme
Preston Calvert (Chair, Advocacy)
Andrew Carey
John Charley
Benjamin Frishberg
Mohammad Fouladvand
Melissa Ko
Gregory Kosmorsky
Mark Moster (Chair, Practice Support & Carrier Relations)
Anil Patel
Vivian Rismondo
Peter Savino
Nicholas Volpe
Zoe Williams

Organizational Arm Officer: Mark Moster (Chair, Practice Support & Carrier Relations)


Performs, likely with outside vendor, productivity and salary surveys, gathers and disseminates external standards, monitors appropriate interpretation of and application of these standards.

Committee Goal(s)

  • To perform periodic compensation and productivity surveys
  • To annually analyze relevant productivity and salary surveys obtained by other groups (AAMC, MGMA, AUPO, etc.)
  • To (attempt to ensure) that these standards are fairly and appropriately applied
  • To develop models to capture downstream (hospital, or other physician) income from NO (we generate significant income for the hospital such as neurosurgery, MRI, etc. in general, but less for the parent department).
    • To show opportunity costs to justify the salary of NO (the difficult patient saved from retina, cornea).

Committee Tasks

  • To ascertain if a NANOS-organized survey is needed in a given year
  • complete the current compensation/productivIty survey and to determine the frequency at which such surveys would be required.
  • Inquire of Dr. Steve Feldon, EVP of AUPO,  whether  they would like to do a joint survey next time they plan a survey. 
  • To inquire of interest of other/parent societies who are acquiring such data if they wish for our working with them jointly to improve response rate, accuracy, and relevance of survey
  • To undertake and analyze the survey, likely with an outside vendor as partner a)  To recommend to the Board the selection of said vendor and work with vendor to encourage participation and interpretation of  the data received.
  • To develop a method of achieving member input into whether the standards are being applied appropriately and to track and work towards rectifying abuses
  • To develop a toolkit/letter and/or internal member consultation resource to use if a member feels their clinical activity is being undercounted
  • To quarterly report to the Board and membership

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will work to improve the ability of neuro-ophthalmologists to render neuro-ophthalmic care
  • NANOS will promote the financial well-being and viability of neuro-Ophthalmologists in practice and in academics
  • NANOS will perform a member survey to establish reliable productivity (RVU’s) and salary benchmarks
    • Member survey by FTI - Demonstration of Neuro-ophthalmic Value Project
  • NANOS will demonstrate the value of neuro-ophthalmic care through the Member survey by FTI - Compensation/Productivity Analysis Project
  • NANOS will offer input regarding neuro-ophthalmic issues in the development of registries (iris, axon)
  • NANOS will attempt to develop models capturing the downstream revenue generation of neuro-ophthalmologists
  • NANOS will show the opportunity cost savings to justify the salary of neuro-ophthalmologist (the difficult patient saved from retina, cornea, etc)
  • NANOS will push for ACGME requirement that not only ophthalmology, but also neurology departments should be required to have a 50% or more neuro-ophthalmologist in their department for accreditation
  • NANOS will develop a program where a primary care physician can email a society contact point to see if a neuro-ophthalmologist would be the right person to consult with on a patient

Committee Report

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