Practice Support and Carrier Relations Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Mark Moster
Vice Chair: John Pula

Preston Calvert (Chair, Advocacy)
Benjamin Frishberg
Matt Kay
Melissa Ko
Howard Krauss
Kevin Lai
Skip Legge
Shannon Lynch
Collin McClelland (Chair, YONO)
Eric Singman
Prem Subramanian (AAO Counsilor)
Heather Moss (Chair, NONO/AAN)
Barbara Yates

Organizational Arm Officer: Preston Calvert (Chair, Advocacy)


Addresses developing concerns regarding the availability of financial, personnel, and support resources required for the delivery of quality neuro-ophthalmic practice, both in the academic and private practice spheres. Assists in identifying and circulating best practices, both clinical and administrative.

Committee Goal(s)

  • To monitor the practice environment for academic Neuro-Ophthalmologists and monitor appropriateness of and offer advice on income and expense distribution models
  • To monitor the practice environment for Neuro-Ophthalmologists in private small group and multidisciplinary groups and monitor appropriateness of and offer advice on income and expense distribution models
  • To identify and disseminate best office/administrative practices
  • To identify and disseminate best practices in dealing with insurance carriers

Committee Tasks

  • To develop/edit data provided by FIT on level of services billed and distribute to members and/or carriers to provide evidence that we do not "overcode" when compared to correct peers
  • Develop toolkits for members – practice management toolkit and negotiation toolkit, remaining compliant with prevailing regulations: Specifically work towards developing a letter a
  • Develop guidelines to understand and comply with charges for specific billing codes
  • Update as required, per CMS-AMA coding instructions, including changes wrought by ICD-10, a template for the Neuro-Ophthalmologic history and exam that would fulfill requirements for highest level coding
  • Develop a program in CQI (continuous quality improvement)
  • To annually report to the Board and membership

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will work to improve the ability of neuro-ophthalmologists to render neuro-ophthalmic care
  • NANOS will promote the financial well-being and viability of neuro-Ophthalmologists in practice and in academics
  • NANOS will perform a member survey to establish reliable productivity (rvu’s) and salary benchmarks
    • Member survey by FTI - Demonstration of Neuro-ophthalmic Value Project
  • NANOS will demonstrate the value of neuro-ophthalmic care through the Member survey by FTI - Compensation/Productivity Analysis Project
  • NANOS will develop resources to assist in advising if/how members should/could participate in new models of care
  • NANOS will develop a practice toolkit that might offer:
    • Icd-10  and coding support
    • Emr advice/consultation/best practices
    • Job/salary negotiation toolkit (as permitted by law)


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