NOVEL Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Kathleen Digre
Vice Chair: Daniel Gold

Ore-ofe Adesina
Nagham Al-Zubidi
Valerie Biousse
Sophia Chung
Wade (Robert) Crow
Mays El-Dairi
Karl Golnik
Ali Hamedani
Richard Imes
Hong Jiang
Aki Kawasaki (Chair, NOVEL Editorial Board)
Sachin Kedar (Chair, Curriculum)
Kevin Lai (Chair, Patient Education Curriculum)
Nancy Lombardo
Devin Mackay
Jonathan Micieli
David Newman-Toker
Victoria Pelak
Ami Shah Vira
Roger Turbin
Gregory Van Stavern
Irene Vanek
Barbara Yates
Zoe Williams

Organizational Arm Officer: Nancy Newman


The purpose of the NOVEL Committee is to encourage growth and development of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library, creating, guiding and prioritizing activities. The Chair of the NOVEL Committee or delegate(s) will also be a member(s) of the following NANOS committees: Curriculum, Development, Archives, and AAN.

Committee Tasks

  • Work via NANOS Curriculum Committee to develop a tiered curriculum, customized for levels of knowledge, linked to NOVEL assets, and integrating on-line quiz tool for self assessment (explore possible modules amenable to CME?)
  • Identify gaps in the NOVEL collection and seek additions to the collection
  • Complete Cogan collection for NANOS (reviewing, prioritizing and assisting with metadata descriptions).
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology Wiki project (back burner or could incorporate on line W&H)
  • Develop "all star grand rounds"
  • Add historical material to NOVEL
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology Wiki project (back burner or could incorporate on line W&H)
  • Continue to discuss ideas about social media

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will be the premier resource for neuro-ophthalmic educational programs and services
  • NANOS shall develop NOVEL's resources to include:
    • The neuro-ophthalmology curriculum linked to resources
    • Development of a business model to help with support of NOVEL
    • An Interactive Walsh & Hoyt Textbook
    • A Core Competencies link: NANOS shall tie its curriculum to national competencies and link these to resources in NOVEL. This will require working with NANOS members to identify core competencies, creating an outline, and then preparing accurate queries into NOVEL (M).
    • A Neuro-Ophthalmic Exam collection:  Members shall create a list of most common examinations, and the NOVEL committee shall determine whether they can be digitally developed at Univ. of Utah, or video record them elsewhere and send to NOVEL.
    • A NANOS Annual Meeting program: NANOS will identify selected programs from its annual meeting to add as PowerPoint and video presentations to NOVEL. Some can be recurring, such as the Walsh and the Jacobson Lecture, some may be chosen for quality or timeliness.
    • NANOS shall continue peer review of additions to NOVEL
    • NANOS shall consider development of All Star Grand Rounds for NOVEL
  • NANOS will foster the development of future Neuro-Ophthalmologists (via curriculum)
    • By expanding/improving the neuro-ophthalmology curriculum on NOVEL (including cross referencing with NOVEL resources
    • NANOS will find ways to outreach to current ophthalmology and neurology
    • This might be done via program director list servers and under the purpose of informing them about the NOVEL resource.
    • NANOS shall continue skills transfer sessions at the annual meeting and post videos of the sessions.
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