Research Committee


Committee Members

Chair: Jeffrey Bennett
Vice Chair/Pilot Grant: Kenneth Shindler
Ex-Officio: Mark Kupersmith (Chair of Nordic)

Rob Avery
Jason Barton
Beau Bruce 
Kim Gokoffski
Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen
Bradley Katz
Byron Lam
Joyce Liao
Len Levin
Neil Miller 
Victoria Pelak
Alex Sinclair
Patrick Yu-Wai-Man

Organizational Arm Officer: Mark Moster (Chair, Practice Suppoert & Carrier Relations)


The Research Committee promotes and facilitates research endeavors in Neuro-Ophthalmology, and advises the Board in the selection of recipients of specific NANOS research awards.

Committee Tasks

  • Assists with efforts to develop multi-center prospective trials
  • Develop for the NANOS website informational and mentoring resources for members interested in research
  • Review Pilot Grant Applications (Chair to appoint committee member, with Board approval, to present applications to Committee)
  • Review Young Investigator Award Applications (Chair to appoint Committee member, with Board approval, to present applications to Committee)
  • Advise Scientific Program Committee annually about "hot topics" to consider for annual meeting
  • Continue NORDIC collaboration
  • Work with Development Committee to foster donations for research

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will foster the development of research endeavors in neuro-ophthalmology and will disseminate information about research results
  • NANOS shall expand ties with NORDIC while developing guidelines for the relationship
    • Chair of Research Committee should serve on NORDIC and vice versa
  • NANOS shall assess the outcomes/effectiveness of its grant program
  • NANOS shall attempt to develop financial resources to award second grants in a year with two exceptional applications
  • NANOS shall charge a new committee or subcommittee to determine and validate patient outcome measures for research




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