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Posted: 08/03/2022
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     Meet NANOS Board is a section of the NANOS Spotlight, Society Newsletter, where we feature interviews with former and current Board members. Through these features, members will learn about the function of the Board, how to get involved, nominated, or chosen for future Board positions. This July, we feature an interview with NANOS President Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD

Here's Dr. Subramanian's interview:

What are your main 3 goals for your term as NANOS President?

  1. Advocating for the profession of neuro-ophthalmology: Obtaining additional support from parent societies and closely aligned subspecialties as well as AUPO to help our members succeed academically and financially in both university and private practice settings.
  2. Increasing NANOS’ impact and visibility: Broaden our influence through engagement of our international members in our educational mission; we also should consider novel means to improve neuro-ophth education worldwide (especially in underserved areas).
  3. NANOS for all: Continuing to ensure full membership representation on committees and the Board and identifying gaps to fill.

Where do you see NANOS in 5 years?
NANOS will represent a broader range of neuro-ophthalmologists, and our international presence will assume a larger part of what we do. However, we will maintain our focus on supporting our US and Canadian members, who will still be the largest group and have specific needs for practice support and advocacy.

What is the main challenge the Board is facing right now?
Our strength is also our challenge, and that is the growing popularity of our meeting and our growing membership of physicians who may practice neuro-ophthalmology differently than we think of it traditionally. Our members will be mixing neuro-ophthalmic practice with clinical and non-clinical activities that enhance their lives and those of their patients. We need to ensure we are using NANOS resources to support our members in all facets of education and practice.

What motivates you personally to participate as a volunteer leader in NANOS?
Neuro-ophthalmology and NANOS are inseparable to me, and serving this organization is also serving my patients and profession.

What was your busiest day as a NANOS Board member?
It’s a tie between finalizing all of the committee assignments and figuring out if our all-virtual 2021 meeting would actually run well and succeed (I think it did!).

What advice would you give to someone coming into a board for the first time?
Speak up and contribute. There is often consensus on many issues but there are legitimate areas of uncertainty where debate and free exchange of ideas are always needed. You were elected to the Board because you have skills that are valued- use them!

Describe the NANOS Board using 3 words.
Passionate, dedicated, adaptable

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