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Posted: 09/09/2021
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NANOS Members:

As we have explained previously, the NANOS Curriculum and NOVEL Committees are working on a major update to the NANOS Illustrated Curriculum (IC). The editors have identified specific topics that need learning objects such as manuscripts, video lectures, narrated PPT, diagrams, and images. We are asking you, NANOS members, if you can help us fill these gaps.  As you know, the Illustrated Curriculum is available to NANOS members via the NANOS website and to academic institutions and non-members via Teton Data Systems Stat!Ref online products. Publication of the Illustrated Curriculum is a priority for NANOS and its educational mission.

We’d like to thank the following NANOS members (and Residents) for offering to help with our last set of topics: Krista Kinard, Marc Dinkin, Neil Miller, Edward Margolin, Raed Behbehani, Carmen Chan, George Park, and Steve Newman.
Here’s how you can help:
Have you created, or can you create, a lecture, video, PPT or image related to one of these topics?

  • If yes, contact Nancy Lombardo at
  • You can email the material, or share via Box, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.
  • You will be identified as the creator, and will retain all copyrights to the material, while also giving NANOS NOVEL the rights to publish the material in the Illustrated Curriculum.
  • All materials are peer-reviewed, so you might be asked to make revisions, as with any publication.
  • Once accepted for publication in the NANOS IC, you can cite this as a publication in an online educational platform.

Please consider assisting us in completion of this important NANOS educational product, and support teaching and learning in the discipline of Neuro-ophthalmology. All submissions are peer-reviewed and you can cite all accepted submissions on your CV as a publications in an online educational platform.
These are the current topics we are trying to fill with learning objects such as case reviews, reviews in the literature, or overview lectures:

1)    Case reports or short reviews on optic nerve tumors of the following structures

a)    Orbit
b)    Sella
c)    Skull base

2)    Case reports or short reviews about traumatic optic neuropathies

a)    Direct
b)    Indirect

3)    Toxic and metabolic optic neuropathies

4)    Updated cases and/or review of these genetic disorders

a)    LHON
b)    DOA

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!
Sachin Kedar and the NANOS Illustrated Curriculum Project Team

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