Pilot Program Announcement- WIN Leadership Training Award

Posted: 12/03/2018
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2019 Women in Neuro-ophthalmology Leadership Training Award
North American Neuro-ophthalmology Society
Pilot Program Announcement

NANOS recognizes the need to stimulate leadership development in diverse members of its community. The NANOS Women in Neuro-ophthalmology Leadership Training Award provides a one-time, non-renewable source of funding to support leadership development for a NANOS member. Priority will be given to those who have been actively involved in the Women in Neuro-ophthalmology Committee and NANOS. Nominees and alternates will be recommended by the Women in Neuro-Ophthalmology Steering Committee subject to approval by the NANOS Board of Directors.

Specific details:
1. Applicant qualifications: the applicant must be an Active or Fellow member of NANOS in
good standing
2. Award funding level: this award provides up to $3,000 and anticipates funding one
award per year
3. Budget: funds may be used to cover registration, travel and accommodation expenses
for attendance at a leadership conference*. NANOS reimbursement process must be
followed to ensure expense reimbursement.
4. Proposal: the applicant must provide one electronic PDF submission to NANOS
(meetings@nanosweb.org) by March 1, 2019, containing the following information
  a. Applicant CV
  b. Proposal (max 1 page) describing
     i. proposed activities to be completed with the Award
     ii. how attending this leadership conference will benefit the applicant at this
     stage in their career
     iii. how the participation in the activities, knowledge and skills gained by the
     applicant will benefit NANOS and other NANOS members#
5. Selected awardee(s) will be responsible for arranging the sponsored activity and
submitting a report to NANOS within three months of completing the activity.

* Examples include but are not limited to Women in Ophthalmology Summer Symposium,
Harvard Career Advancement and Leadership Skills for Women in Healthcare, AMA National Advocacy Conference

# Examples include creating content for NANOS members, developing material for the NANOS
Annual Meeting, presenting at the NANOS Annual Meeting, etc.

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