Free Webinar: Demystifying Careers in Neuro-Ophthalmology: What is it that we do?

Posted: 07/26/2023



Medical students, and ophthalmology & neurology residents are invited to view this engaging and interactive virtual webinar, which explores the broad and diverse clinical scope of practice available to neuro-ophthalmologists.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the webinar, the attendees will understand:

  • The primary residency pathways available to achieve eligibility for a neuro-ophthalmology fellowship
  • The general structure and disease scope of fellowship training within neuro-ophthalmology
  • The various practice patterns common among neuro-ophthalmologists and how this may be affected by residency and fellowship selection

Who will benefit most? 

  • Everyone interested in a career in neuro-ophthalmology 
  • Medical students
  • Neurology & ophthalmology residents 
  • Eye brainiacs 

Webinar Speakers? 

  • Dr. Collin McClelland is an ophthalmologist and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He specializes in neuro-ophthalmology and strabismus surgery.
  • Dr. Julie Falardeau is an ophthalmologist and Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurology at the Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science University where she practices as a full-time neuro-ophthalmologist.
  • Dr. Brad Katz is an ophthalmologist and Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurology at the John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He specializes in neuro-ophthalmology but also provides comprehensive eye care and performs cataract surgery.
  • Dr. Fiona Costello is a neurologist and Professor in the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Surgery (Ophthalmology), Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary in Alberta. She is also a Clinician Scientist with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute.
  • Dr. Sang Hong is an ophthalmologist who completed a fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology as well as a 2-year oculoplastic fellowship. He practices both neuro-ophthalmology and oculoplastics at the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Dr. Jane Bailey is an ophthalmologist who works for a non-profit health system in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She does neuro-ophthalmology, comprehensive ophthalmology including surgery, and administrative leadership.
  • Dr. Shannon Beres is a pediatric neurologist and Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.
  • Dr. Aimee Szewka is a neurologist and Assistant Professor of Neurology at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in neurology and neuro-ophthalmology.
  • Dr. Vivek Patel is an ophthalmologist and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. He specializes in neuro-ophthalmology and adult strabismus.
  • Dr. Heather Moss is a neurologist and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurology at Stanford University, and is the Director of Clinical Research in the Stanford Department of Ophthalmology.

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Attention future neuro-ophthalmologists! Applications for 2024-25 neuro-ophthalmology fellowship positions will be coordinated through the SF-Match Ophthalmology Fellowship match.