2015 NANOS Annual Meeting



2015 Thomas Carlow Distinguished Service Recipients:
Ivy J. Dreizin, MD & Preston C. Calvert, MD

Walsh Best Abstract by a Fellow: 
Lulu L.C.D. Bursztyn, MD, “Joe & Jerry Flew the Coop”

James A. Sharpe Award by a Fellow: 
Enrique J. Rivera, MD, “Chronic Optic Neuropathy Causes Decreases in both Inner Retinal Blood Flow and Prelaminar Optic Nerve Blood Flow”

Best Abstract by a Resident: 
Eric D. Gaier, MD, “Clinical Features of OPA1-Related Optic Neuropathy: A Focus on Genetic Modifiers”

Best Abstract by a Student: 
Sui H. Wong, MD, “Natural History of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis in 101 cases: Towards a Risk of Generalization ('ROG') Score”

2015 Thomas and Susan Carlow Young Investigator Award: 
Heather E. Moss, MD, PhD, “The Photopic Negative Response in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension”

2015 Pilot Grant Award: 
Hong Jiang, MD, PhD, "Retinal microvascular alteration as a possible biomarker in Alzheimer’s disease"

Hoyt Lecture Award
Mark J. Kupersmith, MD, "Optical Imaging of the Optic Nerve: Beyond Documenting RNFL Loss"



Walsh Session Abstracts

Platform Session I

Platform Session II

Poster Session


  • Journal Club
  • Hot Topics: To Boldly Go Where No Neuro-Ophthalmologist has Gone Before
  • Sizzling Hot Topics: The Results of the IIHTT
  • Mechanical Causes of Diplopia
  • Jacobson Lecture
  • AGS/NANOS Joint Symposium: Glaucoma: The Other Optic Neuropathy


  • Optional Symposium: Hands on Workshop Utilizing the Prism Cover Test and Prism Therapeutics for the Diplopic Patient
  • Optional Symposium: International Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Optional Symposium: IIHTT-Weight Loss and Management
  • Optional Symposium: Eye Movement and Vestibular Skills Transfer Session
  • Scientific Platform Presentations
  • Members-in-Training Program and Reception
  • Consortium of Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmologists Meeting (CPNO)
  • Young Neuro-Ophthalmologist Forum
  • Women-in-Neuro-Ophthalmology (WIN) Luncheon
  • Opening Reception
  • Poster Session and Reception
  • Annual Banquet


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