Membership Retention & Recruitment Committee

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Peter Quiros
Co-Chair: Melissa Ko
Vice Chair: Courtney Francis

Joseph Chacko
Steven Hamilton (Chair, Membership)
Susan Mollan (Chair, International Relations)
Timothy McCulley
Collin McClelland (Chair, YONO)
Mitchell Strominger
Billi Wallace

Organizational Arm Officer: Peter Quiros


The purpose of the Membership Retention/Recruitment Committee is to find and implement ways to increase and retain membership, in conjunction with the Young Neuro-Ophthalmologists Committee (YONO).

Committee Tasks

  • Outreach to medical schools and residency programs to promote Neuro-Ophthalmology  (via members who are involved in medical student and resident education)
  • Create and update the section on website for students and residents; link from NOVEL; put link on medical school websites
              • Information on how to become a Neuro-Ophthalmologist
              • Career Pathways in Neuro-Ophthalmology" - videos of members from a variety of careers (ophtho, neuro, academics, private, combination with other specialty, education). 
  • Continue social events for student, resident and fellow attendees (or this could be a YONO task)
  • Promote interaction and development of younger members in NANOS, including mentoring program
  • Design and implement reward system
              • Certificates or letters for volunteer work (committee service, presenting at NANOS, etc)
              • Develop something along the lines of AAO achievement awards, cc to departments to enhance career development

Relevant NANOS Strategic Plan Goal(s)

  • NANOS will foster the development of future Neuro-Ophthalmologists
  • NANOS will motivate and develop its member resources to support its goals
  • NANOS shall redesign its entire reward /recognition program to possibly include:
  • Board service awards
  • Exemplary board service awards
  • Past president award
  • Exemplary long-term service award
  • Committee chair recognition for exemplary service
  • Committee member recognition for exemplary service
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NANOS members have successfully presented a poster on Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowships and Careers at the AAN Faculty and Trainee Reception at the AAN 2018 Annual Meeting.

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